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Jose Chameleone Doing Everything Possible To Promote His Concert

  • Chameleone Resumes Separation With Daniella Stunts To Promote His Concert

Dr Jose Chameleon is at it again. Not with music but with stunts. The musician has a concert coming up late this year but if you have realised, it is not getting the hype it should be getting.

It is therefore for this reason that Chameleone has started showing his true colors by pulling every stunt he can think of. last Sunday through his Facebook page wrote a very sensitive post announcing  his abrupt separation with his wife and mother of his 5 children, Daniella. 

I am single and Not searching. I will be the last man standing D. I let you be Be Daniella. God bless you always.read part of the post which he pulled down but on Monday, the ‘Vumilia’ singer took to the same Facebook page dismissing  his own earlier statements as he accused Ugandans of loving negative energy than positive

“If we could give the same attention to positivity, we would be further than this!!! People got a lot of energy for negativity and less vibe for positivity!! Shame on us in unison!!!! I am off to the next Colour!!! Wamma Daniella I love you my baby.” he wrote.

However, Chameleone achieved what he wanted to. The post was shared a number of times and many media outlets especially blogs and news websites had picked it up, making it trend all the day. He did this because he wanted to remind people that he still exists. This is not the first time he is pulling the exact separation stunt

Jose Chameleone in a fresh separation with Daniella stunt to promote his upcoming concert in December

A few weeks back, Chameleone who was part of the ruling NRM Party’s ‘Tubonga Nawe’ project came out and switched sides saying that he regrets ever being part of the project. He did this because ‘People Power’ side has the majority now which is his target audience for his 2018 concert happening in December at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

But just like his stage name, don’t be surprised if Chameleone swallows his pride and confirms that he supports the ruling party in the 2021 presidential elections

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