Jose Chameleone Encourages Resilience And Hard Work In New Song

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If you are a hard worker, it is always a good feeling when you flash a torch in your achievements over a period you have worked hard for which also encourages you to even work harder.

Talking about hard work, Ugandan multitalented singer Jose Chameleone is one of the people who have really worked hard to be at the level he is at now so it’s not a bad thing if he comes out talk about his achievements because the world has seen him do it.

Joining the music career, one needs to also be ready for the bad things involved and overcoming them is a milestone one deserves to hailed for. Jose Chameleone expresses all this in his fresh tune dubbed ‘Champion’

Produced Ronie Pro of Power Records, Champion is a song that entirely tells Chameleone’s story as a musician who started off as a young boy asking for a chance from the then big artistes to give him a microphone and platform to showcase his talent but all in vain in year 1994.

Apart from telling his story, this tune also sees him brag about things like how some media houses write good and bad things about him which make them a lot of sales and how he meets a girl who turned down his love proposal those days when he was still in the hustle. In the same song, Chameleone urges the ghetto youths, boda boda riders , students and those working abroad to never give up because things will be good at some point.

Chameleone does not stop the bragging. He sings about the connections he has made through music, how he represents for Uganda across all borders and how he is now called a hero yet at first he was just an ordinary boy the city suburb called Kawempe.

Through the song, he does not stop encouraging people to work hard and give a deaf ear to critics who come up with different misleading propaganda to make you lose focus before he concludes the track with the verse in Swahili.

He hits at his haters who have tried tooth and nail to bewitch his career saying they are wasting their time and also said thank you to all his fans who pray for and wish him good things

Listen to ‘Champion’ by Chameleone below


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