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Jose Chameleone Excited About His One Million One Man Show Tomorrow

Jose Chameleone who held his One Man One Million press conference yesterday at Liquid silk was all in joyful mood as he talked about why he decided to reduce the ticket prices for his show.

Jose Chameleone's One man One million show poster

Jose Chameleone’s One man One million show poster

The Leone Island boss said that the reason he reduced the prices, was because he had complaints from people who want to attend the concert but cannot afford the one million for the show. So he decided to set different prices to involve more people who wish to help bring change to Karamoja.

Jose Chameleone promised to give a one million experience for all his fans and further revealed that Nameless and AY will also grace his show.

The tickets for the One Man One Million show, which is slated for tomorrow, currently go for 200,000 (silver), 500,000 (gold) and One million (platinum).

During the press release in October, the Wale Wale star said,

As an artist, I am a tool of development. I want to invest my tool and contribute towards change in Karamoja. One bore hole goes for about 1,200,000 Uganda Shillings. If we can be patriotic and attend the 1 Man│1 Show│1 Million concert, we can possibly raise money for 100 bore holes that would be a big development in Karamoja.’

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