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Jose Chameleone Honored To Have Shared A Moment With President Museveni

When it comes to Ugandan music, fans are often torn apart about who reigns supreme, is it the gagamel boss Bebe Cool, Leone island president Jose Chameleone or Bobi Wine among others. This is one debate that will forever be a constant in the music industry, but the one thing that has remained a constant, they have a massive following and the leaders of this great nation seem to acknowledge that.

Jose Chameleone for example, has been used by the police to help bridge the gap with the youth and that’s exactly what President Museveni also did recently. Chameleone was invited to attend the youth empowerment event and he was more than flattered by the opportunity.

‘Great Honour sharing a moment with His Excellency President of the Republic Uganda Yoweri Museveni and the First Lady Janet Museveni,’ he said.

Jose Chameleone with President Museveni and the first lady Janet Museveni

Jose Chameleone with President Museveni and the first lady Janet Museveni

The Wale Wale star has often been an inspiration to his young fans and when his Leone Island colleague Guvnor married a 68 year old woman, he came out and defended him with utmost wit which surely drove the point home.

‘Does this mean the Society we live in is more interested in Negativity? Than Positivity? I personally, Think the way Older chose younger is the same way Younger can chose older. I have so much respect for Love. And will never ask why one loves the other,’ he said.

The singer further went on to say ‘Many times we succeed in doing what we Love to, Not what we deserve. We have praised relationships for their looks NOT the Love. I know somehow even for me it’s weird. But as long as Guvnor and Lisa are In love then the rest is your problem as public.’

‘Love speaks many languages, Enjoy yourselves. If you love each other and you are Happy together, What else?. People give wealth to Animals that mean a lot more to them than Humans!Why then is it a problem that Guvnor and Lisa are Love Birds?

Jose Chameleone surely speaks volumes and it’s no wonder his stature as one of the music leaders in this great nation keeps scaling up.

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