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Jose Chameleone Raises Eyebrows As He Shows Off Bundles Of Dollars

The kind of way veteran singer Jose Chameleone does his things will never cease to surprise and amuse. He he will always do something that creates controversy and for sure it has worked for him.

There is a video of making rounds on social media showing the artiste showing of lots of bundles of US dollars.

According to a trusted source whose had been withheld for anonymity purposes, the money was meant for the purchase of a house in Muyenga which reportedly bought off at Us Dollars 280,000  although we don’t know what he is set to use the house for.

Our source further informed us that the self proclaimed ‘Legend’ recently bought another house in the United States of America at a whopping Us Dollars 190,000 just for him and his family and as we speak, his wife and children have already occupied the house.

Could this Chameleone’s year of investment?, So far has he now owns daily operating Lounge dubbed DNA, prior to that,  he acquired a multi-million Toyota V8 car and there is confirmed information that he also want to buy a radio station

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