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Jose Chameleone Reconciles With Former Manager

Apparently, artiste Jose Chameleone has no manager and when he was sighted with Sam Mukasa, the man he fired about two years, heads turned as people whispered what the two were doing together at the just concluded Kadanke grand finale last Saturday.

Chameleone and Sam Mukasa had a long chart together that evening before they even shared a meal of salads and ice cream which raised speculation that the two might start working together all over again.


Sam Mukasa and Jose Chameleone share a meal together

But when we talked to Sam, he denied the rumor saying Chameleon is just his good friend. “Chameleon and I come a long way. He’s a very good friend of mine and to set the record straight, we never separated on bad terms. In fact, this meeting was abrupt as his main reason of coming here is to perform and so is mine with Saha.” He said.

Sam was Chameleon’s right-hand man for over 10 years until he fired him two years back after which he hired Sam Nkuke ‘Mutiima’ who he also fired a few weeks back.

Sam is now King Saha’s manager after taking up the role a couple of months after separating with the Leone Island president.


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