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Jose Chameleone Responds To The Tubonga Nawe Criticism

When several Ugandan artistes accepted the invite to dine with the president so many people didn’t take it lightly calling the musicians myopic and so many other things.

It was this outrage that made Jose Chameleone come out and address people’s criticism,

I have always wondered why we Lug behind as Uganda yet all East Africans and Africa as a whole is moving forward. We have to put important things before but we chose to put our wishes ahead yet wishes won’t light your way. Now I see you people making a big Deal out of the song and Honor we shared at a State artiste Dinner last Friday, he said.

Jose Chameleone with Bebe Cool and Juliana Kanyomozi

Jose Chameleone with Bebe Cool and Juliana Kanyomozi

He further went to ask whether his opinion is subject to oppression,

Why do you think your opinion is mine and why do you want to subject me to your opinion??? When are we going to Mind our own businesses?its so little to dwell on.

Chameleone concluded with words of wisdom,

Find solutions and move forward. VOTE the leader you want DONT make everybody chose your Mind. Why justify your right by taking away mine??? I am a public figure Yes. BUT does my Deed deserve Calvary? I knelt down to ask the Leader Give us an ear we have been Hungry for. Whilst some Do the same for Witchcarft and Hope.

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