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Jose Chameleone reveals the real intention behind the ‘One man One million show’

Leone Island president ‘Jose Chameleone’ has finally revealed the reason behind the ‘One man, One million’ show.


In an interview with a local Tv station, Chameleone revealed that the show is for a philanthropic cause.

The announcement left fans surprised and mostly proud considering the fact that he also wants to help the less privileged.

The ‘Valu Valu’ singer said that he will use some of the proceeds collected from the concert to construct bore holes in Karamoja in order to improve the accessibility of clean water within the region.

“There are areas and people that are always forgotten and not cared for in this country. Karamoja is an example of such places. These people die, due to lack of good and clean water for consumption. It is my role as a public figure to try and make a difference. We are doing it for our brothers and sisters in Karamoja,” Chameleone said.

The show initially had mixed feelings from the fans but having revealed the intention behind, it would be safe to say that many fans will be more than happy to attend.

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