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Jose Chameleone Sets Record Straight After ‘Wale Wale Video’ Premiere Scuffle

Jose Chameleone who recently released the Wale Wale video has come out to set the record straight following the altercation on Tuesday night at Club Silk.


The Leone Island president who was at Club Silk to premiere the Wale Wale Video, said he wasn’t any performance duties and wasn’t obliged to. A very Frustrated Chameleone took to Facebook to clear the air:

‘I got to put this right. A lot of idle facebookists and ignorant people are taking advantage with false allegations spreading like wild fire!!!!

‘My management chose to premiere “WALE WALE”Video in Club silk, I agreed and attended in honour and respect of my fans and friends, I left the Club after what I had to do there was done.’ ‘I wasn’t assigned ANY performance duties so I wasn’t obliged to that!!! I only left because I chose to NOT any other reasons as anyone claims.’

‘More so Uganda is for all of us anybody and everybody is entitled to airplay. So Please STOP raising Dust were there is no need.’

‘If you can’t do without it, Enjoy your Folly after all it’s your independent right,’ He concluded.

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