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Jose Chameleone shoots ‘Wale Wale’ video in Moroto

Jose Chameleone has embarked on shooting the ‘Wale Wale’ video. The singer got adventurous with the new video as its set in the Moroto mountains. Chameleone revealed that it’s his first time to visit the Karamoja area.


The ‘Valu Valu’ singer took to social media to disclose more about the upcoming video:

“I thank the entire Leone Island Team that physically and spiritually were with me whilst In Moroto mountains as we advanced to shoot the anticipated WALE WALE video.
Thank you Savy Filmz and Crew. It was worthwhile and time will tell. The biggest THANKS to my Moroto brothers and sisters who received me and treated me like a son!
I am totally humbled and my first foot in the Karamojong land. This will be a lifetime memory.”

‘Wale Wale’ embellishes a combination of African beats and Rhythm complete with prayer.

In the prayer Chameleone asks for good health, food and education for his children.

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