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Jose Chameleone To Stand By South Sudan No Matter What

Jose Chameleone who is set to thrill fans at the Club Mega Fest tomorrow has told his Facebook fans that he will stand by South Sudan no matter what.

This only comes after South Sudan passed an amendment to expel all foreigners working in South Sudan. Jose Chameleone shared a picture of himself and two other gentlemen, which he captioned: ‘Representing the Mighty Leone Island To the fullest. ‘South Sudan Juba stand up!!!!!!! Courtesy of One Nation Entertainment live at the Green Rocon 19th September. Don’t be late keep the Date.’


‘Let’s rave inna WALE WALE stylee.’

This hardly comes as no brainer as Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone are hardly ever on the same page. Yesterday, Bebe Cool took to his Facebook and said that he never wants any South Sudanese at his concert and to further stress that, he will never allow to have a concert in South Sudan.

South Sudan has decided to send away all foreigners who work in South Sudan deadline 15th oct,that includes all our fellow Ugandan brothers n sisters who had invested their lives in South Sudan. If it is true, let me be the first person to react positively by saying LET NO SOUTH SUDANESE EVER ATTEND MY CONCERTS AND I SHALL DO NO FAVOR FOR ANY SOUTH SUDANEE effective 15th October. Scratch my back I scratch yourgagamel for ever.’

I guess we shall wait and see how this pans out.

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