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Jose Chameleone Starts Ladies’ Talent Search For Valu Valu Remix.

Jose-Chameleone-Attacks-Bebe-CoolUganda’s music doctor Dr. Jose Chameleon has started a talent search for ladies dubbed ‘Valu Valu lady remix 2014’. The online search that is running on the singer’s Facebook page is aimed at identifying any female talent from around the world who can sing the block buster song very well. The winner who will be voted for by the fans will feature on a remix for the Valu Valu hit with the musical doctor. In his own words, the music legend stated….

 “The contest is on “VALU VALU LADY REMIX 2014” the winner will have it recorded by the master mind Paddy Man, a professional video to follow. This is out of the “Chameleon Foundation” in sense of TALENT SEARCH and UP LIFT….You can be the STAR”.

In order top eb part of this amazing experience, interested females have to record themselves  using a camera(webcam) or mobile phone singing to the famous tune. The contestant is then required to post it onto Chameleone’s Facebook page. The contestant whose video clip generates more ‘likes’ and comments wins the contest.

The hit song recorded by Paddy Man in Audio one studios in 2012 has become one of Chameleone’s all time greatest songs and is loved by many fans all over the world. The music doctor who heads the Leone Island music empire is known for identifying and nurturing talent from his Muyenga based Leone Island crew. He is responsible for identifying and developing the likes of Moze Radio,Weasel, AK 47, Papa Cidy and Chagga.





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