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Jose Chameleone Starts A Talent Search To Counter Airtel Trace Stars

Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone has started a search for the next big talent in Uganda.

This makes it the second talent search within Uganda following the Trace Airtel search. The best talent from the auditions will be signed to Leone Island.

Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone


In a statement released the singer said; ‘The Search is on! For you who got Singing and willing to explore your self. It’s your chance Now. Something Big is coming. I will be holding the Auditions at the Leone Island Agency in Bunga starting Monday 1st to 7th December from 2:pm -4:pm daily. You want to become a superstar this is your chance.’

He concluded by saying, ‘It’s really BIG and wouldn’t want you to miss out!’

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