Jose Chameleone’s Heartfelt Message To The Late AIGP Felix Kaweesi

Photo by Habre Muriisa
  • Assistant Inspector General of Police Kaweesi was shot dead together with his body guard and driver on Friday the 17th of March as he went to work
  • Ugandans have since then condoled the family anf friends of the deceased
  • Veteran artiste Jose Chameleone also posted a heartfelt message to the late and asked God to judge him fairly
  • Andrew Felix Kaweesi was laid to rest on Tuesday the 21st of March 2017

The untimely brutal murder of Uganda’s former assistant inspector general of police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi on Friday the 17th of March at 9:30 am is still the talk around town with the latest news being the arrival of American based Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) agents to do further investigation in this horrific incident.

Well, from the time this happened, Ugandans have been condoling the family, relatives and friends of the deceased. Among them is veteran artiste Jose Chameleone who recently scrapped off the ‘Dr’ initials from his name ‘Dr Jose Chameleone’. The ‘Wale Wale’ singer took to his Facebook Page where he wrote a heartfelt message to the late Kaweesi.

“IF WE COULD STAND IN UNITY EVEN THE DEVIL WOULD BE DEFEATED. I have failed to understand how people can almost crucify you for being just a step ahead. We can’t Wise up by putting Ignorance in Wisdoms place.” Chameleone said.


Jose Chameleone kindly asked God to judge the late Felix Kaweesi fairly

Chameleone who is set to hold his ‘Legend Hit After Hit’ concert on 30th June, 1st and 2nd July to celebrate 20 years in the music industry concluded by asking the almighty God to judge Mr Kawesi fairly.

“Why are We substituting Basic Humanitarian Values? NO – Love for one another? NO – Fairness? NO – Advisory? NO – Mercy? NO – acceptance? NO – Well wishing? We are unknowingly cultivating a fruitless Future ahead of us. Applaud winners, Don’t condemn Losers. We need Remedy #RIPFELIX .ANDREW FELIX KAWEESA #RIP May your Good, Our prayers, GOD judge you fairly.” Chameleone concluded

The late Kaweesi was laid to rest at his home in Lwengo district amid thousands of people and Chano8 once again we say rest in peace AIGP Mr Felix Kaweesi.



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