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Jose Chameleone’s Heartwarming Message To His Fans

They often say that even it is one second appreciate those who go the extra mile to make you happy. These are the priceless things in life. Jose Chameleone recently came out to thank his fans for the massive support they have given him through his music career because without them he wouldn’t be the artiste he is today.

‘I thank everybody who has supported me continuously for the Last 15 years.

From when I was just a wannabe artist to this firm and celebrated Legendary Icon. Thank you all. I wish to take this Platform to embrace the Loyalty and Firmness of my Fans worldwide. I have been and still is the weighing stone of this industry through the yearsMeaning, Everybody has been Rated and Compared to me in measure of how good they are. Which ain’t a Bad thing to do, he said.

Jose Chameleone thanks his fans

Jose Chameleone thanks his fans

Jose Chameleone further goes on to say that he believes the sky ain’t the limit for anybody with incomparable talent.

Many have Come,Gone whilst I stay because i believe that talent is never limited and it’s not about trending but writing your legacy for the future to refer onto.’

The wale wale concluded by giving a special thanks to God, brand houses, fans and his family,

The Almighty God for the talent that many times I aslo wonder how gifted I am.
The countless Fans who fill up the venues for my music.
The Media and Companies that positively believes in me.
My Friends,Family and Teammates who advise Joseph unconditionally
Not forgetting the people who Vote me tirelessly – Your support is a Bigger Reward for me.
As for Awards, every hardworking Artiste deserves one. Lose some win some.
Well done all my excelling Comrades.

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