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Jose Chameleone’s Wife Daniella Shocks Country With Nude Pregnancy Photos

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We have seen celebrities in the US posting nude pregnancy photos and to mention a few, tennis star Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian have all posted their nude pics.

However, the vice has crossed over to Uganda and much as we expected someone like Sheebah, Cindy or Desire Luzinda, it was none other than Daniella Atim who is Jose Chameleone’s wife and mother of his four children.

It is shocking in the sense that Daniella was raised in a staunch Christian family, having been adopted by the late Fr. John Scalabrini a renowned religious man in Uganda. Besides that, Daniella has always been known to be a decent lady who would never be engaged in such.  

This could however be attributed to the fact that she took the pictures in the UK where she is awaiting the arrival of her fifth child with the musician.

In the pictures, Daniella is seen showing off the baby bump with an art painting in her chest down to her waist while in the other one, she is seated on a transparent cloth. Do you think this was called for?

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