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Jose Chameleone’s Woes With URA Over Taxes Continue To Deepen

While the rest of the world was celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, Uganda’s self proclaimed music Doctor Jose Chameleone was once again embroiled in a fight with Uganda Revenue Authority tax officials.

The latest fight which happened on Sunday morning emanates from Chameleone’s failure to clear a new monster ride he reportedly just received as a gift from a South Sudanese tycoon.

The Toyota Land cruiser V8 valued at over UGX.100milion, was apparently given to Chameleone after impressing the business lady identified as Achai Wiir when he performed at her wedding which was followed up with a song recorded in her honour titled ‘Achai Wiir’.

This latest ride who h is still registered in South Sudanese licence plates was impounded yesterday at the singer’s Seguku home after he failed to present the necessary clearence documents.

A video of the lanky singer cum politician in a heated argument with the officials on Sunday in which he accused them of unfairness, had made rounds on social media spreading like wildfire. Chameleone asked the URA officials to go to his home where he claimed he had kept the clearance papers.

So after failing to produce the said documents, the car was impounded and towed away to URA facilities where it still remains parked.

Self proclaimed tycoon Brian Kirumira aka Brian White is said to be Willing to come in aid of the Kampala Mayoral hopeful to clear the about UGX 120million in taxes.

Chameleon’s has also in the past gotten in collusion with the tax authorities over similar circumstances, notably the Hammer he imported some time back which was impounded several times.

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