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Journalists In The Western Region Of Uganda Plan To Boycott Eddy Kenzo Coverage… You Won’t Believe, Why

Journalists in the western districts of Uganda are set to boycott anything that has to do with Eddy Kenzo unless he publicly apologizes for beating Dembe FM presenter, Kasuku.


In a meeting which was held by the Western Uganda Media (WUMF) at the BAM complex in Mbarara, resolutions were set for Eddy Kenzo demanding him to apologize to Kasuku.

“Kenzo should appreciate the work that is done by the media in promoting music and art in the country and he should also learn that the JOB of the journalists is to report the truth, but not what makes people happy,” Julius Arineitwe who is the chairman of the WUMF stated.

Eddy Kenzo who is set to kick off his nice and lovely sitya loss concert at the Kati Kati grounds tomorrow seems to have all but forgotten the altercation with Kasuku as he said, he has no sin should cast the first stone.

“We all make mistakes, But it is unfair to judge someone only by his mistakes, I do not have the power to make whoever was aggrieved that day to forgive me but I have already apologized and dare anyone who has never been angry to that extent to cast the first stone.”

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