‘A Journey Of Love And Intimacy’ – Solome Speaks Out On New Song

Solome Baasuta is one of Uganda’s promising gospel artistes who also sings about love and life. She recently released yet another lovely song dubbed ‘Can We Stay’, a love song where she sings about a couple who has been busy with life and not able to have time for each other as time waned. But now that the opportunity has come for them, ‘she asks him to politely stay with her’ and not go anywhere to compensate for ‘lost time’. 

This song has some magic touch about it with its old school soothing feel and slow rhythm that get one engaged and sometimes lost in its flow. It surely is going to rocl the airwaves in the near future and for a long time to come. Chano8 was impressed with the piece of work the jolly singer put in together with her team and asked her to tell our readers a few more things about the song in an exclusive chat. Below are the excerpts.

Chano8: Tell us more about your new song ‘Can we stay’

Can we stay it is a song for couples, a song that will take them on a journey of Love and Intimacy.
Chano8: What is the inspiration behind the theme and style you have decided to use in the song.

The style is RnB with a 90’s feel and Fred Wallace who produced this song, came up actually with it in addition, I think when we were growing up, the love songs of the late 80’s and 90’s had such a simplicity to the lyrics, melody and instrumentation which this song has.


Solome Basuuta

Chano8: When should we expect a video for the song?

Wellllll….. hmmmm…. let’s say we are in the kitchen cooking it up and it will be released sooooonnnn!!!!

Chano8:  Highlight for us about your upcoming ‘Song of Solome-Chapter 1 album’.

Its actually Song of Solome-Chapter 1 EP and it will have 6 songs plus the 7th which is off my last album but redone.
This EP will highlight the times when couples are in a great place in their relationship, complimenting each other, celebrating each other in short HAPPY times.

Chano8: Are you planning an Album launch or concert soon for the album like is the case with most artistes?

The details of the EP release will be communicated soon. However, we will release another single off this project before the year ends.


Solome performs alongside Sandra Suubi at the Qwela Divas held recently at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Chano8:  What are the plans for the future concerning new music for the fans.

The Song of Solome project is completely new music and Chapter 1 is already underway with different producers working on it.

Chano8: Any message to the fans and Chano8 readers?

Thank you for being such a great support for loving the music and sharing it and giving feedback this means alot.
Thank you for taking this LOVE journey with me.
I can’t wait to share this new chapter with you because I know it inspire and touch you deeply.

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