Jowy Landa Brings Love Vibes In ‘Nawe’ Alongside Daddy Andre

“We were locked for a long time and now let’s enjoy” are the words promising singer Jowy Landa used to describe her song ‘Nyumirwa’ the song in which she pumps up the party vibes and hit the airwaves big time which will surely take her places.

‘Nyumirwa’ is Luganda for enjoy or have fun and comes hot on the heals of the just concluded tough covid-19 induced lockdown period that saw most people confined to their homes.

However, she has a brand new hit in which she features talented hitmaker, songwriter and producer Daddy Andre.
Jowy Landa features Daddy Andre in this fresh banger ‘Nawe’ which is a song celebrating love for two love birds who stand together forever as stated in Vows. The lyrics of the song flow cooly alongside the relaxing beats to tell the love story especially after the economy is finally open.

The lovebirds promise love till death does it’s cruel thing of separation. They promise to stick to each other through thick and thin. And she sounds mature as they interchange verses with the talented and more experienced Andre.

Jowy Landa is all full of vibes and positive energy. She already confidently refers to herself as a ‘Superstar’. Although it is still too early to agree with her on that particular description of herself, we do agree that with persistence and focus, she is on the right track to achieve that.

The 21-year old S.6 dropout put studies on hold to concentrate on music and wishes to have her breakthrough before she can go back and complete studies.

The Versertile singer who already has 6 songs to her name, says she is confident doing a variety of genres and her melo voice keeps the flow easy for her as she makes up the rounds from RnB, Afrobeat to even Afro-pop. With so many collaborations already lined up, she expects to utilize every drop of her vocal chords to the enjoyment of her fans, as she promises big things ahead.

You can listen to ‘Nawe’ by clicking the link below;

Jowy Landa ft. Daddy Andre in Nawe a song celebrating love for two love birds who stand together forever as stated in Vows.

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