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Judith Heard declares war on Mary Luswata

Judith Heard has declared war on Urban Tv’s host Mary Luswata. Mary who is known for her daily celebrity news on Urban Tv, seems to have pressed the wrong nerves. The feud is said to have started when Judith Heard lied about having a reality show in the pipeline. Mary, made some inquiries and found out that no show neither a deal had been made. She went ahead to make noise about the news on her show Scoop on Scoop and since then, Judith has resented her.

If that wasn’t enough, Mary made a statement, “Judith Heard is nothing, I can’t exchange anything with her, she’s either illiterate or semi illiterate.”

Judith came out to say, “Mary Luswata on Urban TV has insulted me always and I have never asked her why? But this time she went too far by saying these words about me, Let’s see where this ends.”

According to sources, Socialite Judith Heard is planning to sue Mary on charges of defamation.


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