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Judith Heard Reports Self To Police, Rubbishes Arrest Rumours

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A few months ago, socialite and philanthropist Judith Heard made news after her nudes made their way on the international network on the night of 28th of May. Chano8 got information that the nudes which trended were taken from the United Kingdom where Heard was a few months ago to meet one of her lovers who is claimed to have leaked them for the whole world to see.

As the photos were making rounds on social media and on entertainment news websites, Judith Heard who is a mother of three was in the United States enjoying life but little did she know that the anti-pornography committee wanted her to explain why the photos that had her private parts at display, were out in the public.

She arrived in the country a few weeks ago and on her arrival, Police sent her summons but unfortunately she didn’t respond to any. Due to this, on Tuesday, unconfirmed rumours made rounds on the internet that Police had arrested her from Kampala city and taken her to Kampala Central Police Station to answer to the authorities on why she went against the Anti-Pornography committee law.

On the contrary, going by the what we saw on her social media platforms, Judith Heard took her pencil sized self to CPS from where she shared photos of her at CPS, prompting websites to write stories alleging that Judith had been arrested

“At the end of every road its about who has the last laugh, Even those that write false stories about people have families that welcome them back from work at the end of their long day of putting mud on someone’s name. Anyway the ignorance of the Pharaoh didn’t stop MOSES from rescuing the Israelites from Egypt. You will be fine” She posted on on Facebook

Judith Heard speaking to Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Mr Luke Owoyesigyire at Central Police Station

Still about the nudes, the socialite however maintains that she didn’t shoot the photos with the purpose of posting them on social media, but for a modeling deal. She was shocked when her ex-boyfriend leaked them on social media


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