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Judith Heard speaks out.

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There have been a lot of rumors about Judith heard and her time with Togo Player Adebayo during his stay here for the Uganda vs Togo game last weekend. Some tabloids insinuated the 2 were intimate. This comes up amidst her struggle with marital issues so people need to cut the lady some slack.

Judith responded to these rumors on her instagram account when she posted “Everytime something goes wrong in my life I always end up finding out who did it and how it all started and this morning I just found out the person that started the rumor about me and adebayor now this is what I call blessed u wanna make me look bad u end up looking a fool after I get to know its u that always tries to ruin me #BlessYourSoulWoman I ain’t going anywhere am here to stay #GetALife”

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