Judith Heard Squashes Beef With Mary Luswata


Mary thanks Judith

The ongoing cyber war that started earlier this year seems to having been put on hold or is it finally over.

Everyone has been waiting to see what happens when you get Judith Heard city socialite and the Tv Gossip gal Mary Luswata in one room, everyone predicted a cat fight and a lot of weave pulling. People even had their money ready to bet on who would win. The 2 women have been tearing each other to shreds recently online and TV, calling each other names and insults that could make the devil blush.

The recently concluded Kadanke Awards that were held at Kati Kati Grounds gave everyone the perfect venue and all revelers kept watching the 2 enemies sworn to destroy eachother, to see what would happen. To everyone’s surprise Mary Luswata and Judith Heard “HUGGED IT OUT”.


hugging it out

The moment was quite unbelievable that everyone was wondering what was that hug about the beef put to rest before the event. Was the hug for Cameras? Whatever the case we are proud of both of them.

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