Judith Heard And Sylvia Owori Start Feud Afresh!

sylivia Owori

Sylivia receives awards

Well the entertainment world wouldn’t be entertaining without drama and the Kadanke Awards was the venue or birthplace of the new feud between 2 big names in fashion, Judith Heard and Sylivia Owori.

Sylivia has been missing in action for awhile, quite awhile and she came back with a bang. She was selected for the Kadanke honorary award where is gave a gracious speech about patience and hard work  citing that she has been in the industry 10 years, but drama started when Judith heard took the stage to give out an award and she said ’10 years is a long time to make it’. The come back later came in thru INSTAGRAM BY Sylivia Owori and later on the designer’s face book page. Judith heard has not responded to the disses and there is no mention of it on her social media sites.

Sylivia posted “It has been more than ten years and yet I’m still taken aback when I’m recognized for my work. I feel incredibly honoured to have been awarded the 2014 Honorary award for inspiring the Youth,at the Kadanke awards. I would like to reiterate what I said in my acceptance speech; Rome was not built in one day and the same applies to fortifying a business and success. It takes patience and major effort to live through the ups and downs and come out alright. I’ve been in the business of fashion for a while; I’m still here and have managed to stay relevant over the years because I put in the time and hard work. I was therefore surprised when following my acceptance speech, a young lady, called JUDITH HEARD, that I once nurtured took to the same podium to rubbish my message. While I am disappointed with her actions, I am mostly pitiful of her luck of tact in propagating a personal attack; at the expense of compromising otherwise good counsel to our YOUTH/young people the world over. I stand by the message,DO YOUR TIME, WORK HARD,AND YOU WILL REAP. In the short time,ie 2 years MAYBE but in the long run, DEFINITELY”



This rivalry isn’t new to us before Sylvia disappeared from showbiz they were constantly fighting and never attended the same events and on the few events they attended together the rivalry was very evident. Sylvia and fans claim to have mentored and helped Judith Heard to get where she is. I guess when one feud ends another must take it’s place.


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