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Judith Heard Trashes Affair Rumors.

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The socialite who just returned from a successful weekend in her hometown for the Rwanda fashion week is now facing a new scandal  as a number of tabloids are reporting her having an affair with the infamous Farouk Sempala. Farouk was kicked to the curb by Zari after he was unfaithful and now is being linked to Judith  Heard.

We reached out to Judith heard to comment on the picture and allegations of her and sempala and this is what she had to say “ Omg that is ridiculous, there was and is nothing going on with me and him, It is just people trying to get attention, That picture is over 1 year old  it was taken at a pool where he was with his daughter and cousin, who is my makeup artist. I am focused on me, my family and my projects not this drama and lies.” She had not yet seen the news and seemed surprised when we brought it up.

Judith was with her family when she wasn’t on the runway and is shocked at the effort  being put intol a false story. She is moving forward with er plans for charity this Christmas.

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