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Juicy Explosion In Pictures

Juicy Explosion happened last weekend at Freedom City. It was a sold out concert by Goodlyfe’s Radio and Weasel  and today we bring you a full pictorial of how it all went down.

DSC_9469 (Custom)

Desire Luzinda represented.

DSC_0001 (Custom)

Many were impressed by Radio’s Vocals

DSC_0098 (Custom)

One of the Ghetto kids unleashed serious rhymes

DSC_9218 (Custom)

Goodlyfe’s manager Chagga aka Big Papa

DSC_9232 (Custom)

Dan Flavour

DSC_9244 (Custom)

King Micheal made a comeback

DSC_9261 (Custom)

MunG singing to the fans

DSC_9276 (Custom)

Musician Joy Good and a friend

DSC_9295 (Custom)

Chairs were lifted. This was one wonderful spectacle

DSC_9317 (Custom)

Gravity turned up

DSC_9380 (Custom)

Anita the Diva killed it…. in many aspects

DSC_9390 (Custom)

Nince Henry.. not only a writer but also a good singer

DSC_9395 (Custom)

An impressive guest enjoys the show

DSC_9409 (Custom)

Aziz Azion amidst his performances

DSC_9610 (Custom)

Pallaso performs

DSC_9693 (Custom)

Chameleone came to support his brother

DSC_9728 (Custom)

Weasel and brother Pallaso chill before their performances

DSC_9756 (Custom)

Goodlyfe ‘s official Dj SterioNess talks to Joy Good

DSC_9766 (Custom)


DSC_9999 (Custom)

Freedom City was full to the brim

DSC_9801 (Custom)

Wait a minute…. Weasel seems to say

DSC_9797 (Custom)

Radio & Weasel performing

DSC_9798 (Custom)

The lyrical assassin, Radio

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