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Juliana Kanyomozi And Nigeria’s Flavour Team Up In Coke Studio

Juliana Kanyomozi will be sharing center stage with Nigeria’s Flavour who had a successful in Uganda a few years ago, on the current coke studio edition.

The two could be seen in the studio together as they listened to the sound output. One can only imagine how their collaboration will come out because they both highly talented and don’t give a half hearted performance or compromise on quality, they always deliver on all aspects be it vocally or performance wise.

Juliana Kanyomozi and Flavour in studio

Juliana Kanyomozi and Flavour in studio

With her woman earning her three nods in the Afrimma awards, it’s only right to say that this year has been great to Juliana and it’s only the beginning of more exciting things to come. While Flavour has seen his Ololufe video featuring Chidinma go viral, with over 4,000,000 views on a YouTube in a space of just six months.

So it’s safe to say that the combination of Juliana Kanyomozi and Flavour will be a must watch because considering their tenacity and prowess, they will blend their unique styles so perfectly.

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