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Juliana Kanyomozi Lashes Out At Insensitive People Following AK47’s Death

Following the death of Jose Chameleone‘s brother, many people have been sharing the pictures of Ak47 laying lifeless on the bed. It’s this insensitivity that has made Juliana Kanyomozi to lash out at them.

The singer who is no stranger to what the Mayanja family is going through having lost her beloved son ‘Keron’ last year said,

Why do people always choose the worst time to be sooooo insensitive? The poor family is hurting terribly and you are busy posting pics of their son/brother’s body on Facebook.’

If that wasn’t enough, she further said people need to show sympathy at this trying time,

‘A loved one has just DIED people, show some real simpathy and respect to the family. That’s all they need right now. RIP’

In her condolence message to the fallen star, the Woman singer shared a picture of AK47 and captioned it, ‘Rest in peace AK47.. It’s just too terrible. Gone too soon.’

AK47 will surely be missed. Rest in peace.

AK47 will surely be missed. Rest in peace.

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