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Juliana Kanyomozi Refutes Beef Rumors With Pallaso

Soulful singer Juliana Kanyomozi has come out and quashed rumors that were trying to pit her against Pallaso.

‘My digital team made a mistake earlier and accidentally shared an article about Pallaso on my page. It was unfortunate, but that shouldn’t in any way give you a right to start spreading such gossip. The mistake was immediately corrected. I have deep respect for all my fellow artists and it’s not about to change,’ she said.

The woman singer concluded by saying,

‘We live in a digital world and mistakes like that can happen. My sincere apologies to Pallaso. You know I have mad respect for you bro.’

Juliana Kanyomozi quashes beef rumors

Juliana Kanyomozi quashes beef rumors

Juliana also recently came out and refuted claims that linked ambition mission to the illuminati,

For Ambition Mission’s community, our way of showing that we are on the right path is that we all reject tobacco. Saying no to tobacco shows that we are focused on our goals, we believe in ourselves and we respect ourselves. That’s why we say We Are Ambition, We Are Not Tobacco.’

‘This is the message that we are sharing with the young people who pledge to achieve their dreams because we know that these are the leaders of tomorrow and change starts with them.’

‘Therefore, any accusation of association between Ambition Mission and illuminati or a hub for nurturing homosexuals is baseless and malicious. The authors of these rumors appear to be bent on derailing the objectives of Ambition Mission’s activities.

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