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Juliana Kanyomozi Releases Her Stunning New Kalibatanya Video

The long wait is finally over, soulful singer Juliana Kanyomozi has finally released the video of her brand new song ‘Kalibatanya.’

The video drops at a time when Juliana’s Woman song was already topping charts across several countries. Kalibatanya is a love song which she released in Luganda aimed at gripping her local fan base.

There is no doubt that the Kalibatanya song will soon sweep the airwaves by storm. Have a look at the amazing video below.


Recently, Juliana came out to refute pregnancy rumors that had been circulating like a wild fire. She said it’s always the tabloids spreading wrong information about her.

“I don’t understand why tabloids are so concerned about my relationship and always spreading wrong information about me being pregnant. I’m not seeing anyone and I’m not pregnant. My kind of love is so private and I beg it remains that way,” She said.

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