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Juliana Kanyomozi Shows Her Philanthropic Side… So Heartwarming

Juliana Kanyomozi who is undoubtedly one of the best female artistes in the country if not the best, recently talked to Chano8 about her charity school which is training to eradicate poverty in Uganda.

In an exclusive interview, the highly talented singer said that she owns a school with her mother, which is called Tapu girls’ school.

‘It’s especially for young girls out there in the village in Fortportal. Girls who have not gotten an opportunity to go into a classroom or maybe the parents can’t afford it anymore. This is because the more I visited Fortportal, the more I noticed that there were so many girls just sitting by the roadside or by the shop helping their mother and I felt there is something I could do especially for the girls where I come from.’

Juliana Kanyomozi shows her philanthropic side

Juliana Kanyomozi shows her philanthropic side

‘It’s still growing, it’s not easy and we are hoping we can get people to help us to come board and sponsor us, but right now we doing it by ourselves, me, my mum and my aunt and it’s a joy to see these girls happy,’ she said.

Juliana further said that they usually follow up with the girls after school, to see if they have gotten jobs and if they have contacts they also help them or if they want to start a business they still help them because the things they learn are like cooking and sowing basically things that can help them start a small business of their own.

Have a look at the exclusive interview below.

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