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Juliana Upsets Fans After Defending Her NRM Support

Social media has become an easy and very important means and platform for relaying information and communicating to different target audiences. However,  as a public figure, one has to be very careful with the material they put out there for their fans and followers lest it back fires as opposed to rectifying a situation they intented.

Juliana Kanyomozi one of Uganda’s top divas found herself in a tricky situation with her big legion of fans especially on Facebook, when she tried to defend herself for supporting and working with President Yoweri  Museveni and his ruling NRM Government.

Recent developments in the political and entertainment industry took an interesting twist when some top Ugandan artistes which include Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Juliana herself and others worked on a project dubbed ‘Tubonge Nawe’ a song in support for the president and also openly declared their allegiance to NRM.

It was not a big deal until Friday evening when the artistes hosted the President for a sumptuous dinner at Speke Resort Munyonyo where he gave them Shs400million and they, in return gave him their full support during the coming elections which received mixed reaction from the public with most castigating the artistes for ‘selling their souls’ while others defending them for exercising their human rights.


Jose Chameleone (L) and Bebe Cool lead artistes for a dinner with the President


Juliana Kanyomozi performs at the dinner

Trouble for Juliana however, stemmed from her long Facebook post  defending her actions and political choice in which she says she is only just human to do the things she does, something that did not go well with a section of her fans and followers who responded with strong words with others going into overdrive with direct abuses.

“Ndi munnauganda nga abalala bonna. It means we all have the same fundamental rights regardless of our positions in society, or political beliefs, or even life experiences. But there’s one thing that brings us together, and that’s humanity, obuntu. We are all from the human race. There’s no need to use abusive, disrespectful, judgemental and insensitive language towards each other simply because of our different beliefs.”Reads part of her statement

This brought in a flurry of furious reactions from her fans and followers who expressed their disappointment. Take a look at screen-shots of some of the comments;

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