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Julie Underwood And Pharouq Sempala Expecting First Child

Actress Julie Underwood and Hubby Pharouq Sempala are on cloud 9. The couple is expecting their first child together ever since they got traditionally married in a colorful ceremony. A close source to the couple leaked a current picture of Julie looking heavily pregnant and it has been rumored she is 5 months pregnant.

A few months back, Julie introduced Sempala in a secret traditional ceremony that took place in Rubaga a Kampala suburb and it was rumored her ex-husband Simon Base Kalema never took it easy.

Julie Underwood was married to fellow actor Simon Base Kalema and the couple has children together. The two couldn’t keep up together after Julie allegedly caught her man red-handed cheating on her with one of her Ebonies’s friends.

Underwood introduced Sempala recently in a private function. 

It was reported in local tabloids that Simon was having an affair with a one Mariam, Julie’s best friend and workmate.

It’s told of how Julie rushed to look at an incoming message on Simon’s phone as he was taking a shower. The message which was allegedly from Mariam was saying; “I loved it and I’m now relaxed, hope you reached home safely.”

Julie did nothing that night but very early in the morning; she left with Simon’s phone after locking him in the house. At the office, a morning meeting was taking place but Simon was the only one missing, this prompted Mariam to send him a text, “Honey, where are you, was it too much for you?”

All these messages were now coming straight to Julie Underwood who was seated not very far from Mariam.

Sempla is a happy man as Underwood’s bulge is visible now.

It was not long before Julie excused herself from the meeting to go to another room and while there, she called Mariam, your guess is as good as mine as to what transpired there, it was war and had it not been for the intervention of other members to calm the situation, it would have been a different story.

And that is what led to the split; Julie could not stand sharing her man with her best friend. It’s this very reason that led Simon to exit the Ebonies drama group.

On the other side Sempala who briefly also dated socialite Judith Heard, now finally decided to settle with Underwood and the photo which displays the bulge shows they are happy.


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