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“Julie Underwood Is Still The Mother Of My Kids”- Ex-Husband Simon Kalema Speaks Out

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The previous weekend, news almost broke the internet when it was revealed that comedian Simon Base Kalema’s ex-wife had introduced another man to her parents in Rubaga, a Kampala City suburb.The Ebonies’ actress Julie Underwood who was once married to Kalema, introduced Sempala Farouk at an invite-only ceremony. Allegations have been going around that her ex-hubby and father of her Children sent curses to her saying that she will never settle in her new and young marriage.

In an interview with Spark TV, the comedian clearly states that Underwood will always remain his friend and mother to his children. He adds that he holds so much respect for her and he has no reason to curse the actress

“Julie will always be my friend and mother to my Children. I will never curse her because that will be so low of me. I am a very calm man who respects people’s decisions”  he said.

Julie Underwood and Simon Base Kalema in their good days

‘I am open and ready to sign divorce papers’

When asked about the rumours that he refused to sign the divorce papers since the two were legally married, Kalema trashed away the rumours and maintained he is so much open to anything

 “Those are just rumours. I didn’t even know about the functions that took place until I saw them on TV. I am a very open-minded person. If she approaches me to sign divorce papers, I will gladly do” he said.

‘I have no time to disorganise Farouks’s young family’

Media reports claimed that Kalema was a very disappointed man after his marriage with Underwood never worked out and that he will never leave his ex-wife to live happily married. In his honest response, the comedian vowed to never try to disorganise Farouk Sempala’s wife

“Like I said those are just rumours. She decided to move on and it was okay with me. Even before he met his husband, we had already broken up. So I don’t have any intentions of disorganising them. I have so much to do with my life. I have my music to work. There is the comedy. Basically, I am too busy to engage myself in such” he concluded.

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