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Just Kicking Sports Bar Re-Opens In Earnest

Close to a year now following the closure of Just Kicking Sports Bar, Yesterday revellers, and party animals stormed the now Bukoto Street-based bar from all corners of the country where they were treated to best live Dj mixes from Djs Naselow and Red.


Some of the revellers who came for the re-opening

The place was full by 8pm and loud music blasting through the mega speakers could be heard around the whole neighbourhood which announced the rebirth of the once popular Sports bar. Those passing by could instantly tell that fun was brewing inside. Besides the music, the interaction among the crowd was lively and the conversations were loud as they exchanged pleasantries.


Revellers dancing to the music


It was Dj Red who took to the turn tables first at around 9pm playing a variety of music that warmed up the crowd. Although some people expected music performances, there was none but the live deejaying was equally interesting as everyone was busy having fun in their own way.


Dj Red warming up the revellers


Some of the revellers pausing for our camera

Dj Naselow then took over the decks at 11:20pm, taking over from Dj Red who had excited the crowd all along. It was more interesting this time round as he played at the same time emceeing that threw the crowd into frenzy until late in the wee hours of morning.


Dj Naselow threw the attendees into frenzy with the live Dj Mixes

Fans also got a chance to win themselves the classy Chano8 Entertainment Magazines and were excited to check it out.


These white babes liked the Chano8 magazine


DJ Naselow hands over the Chano8 magazine to one of the revellers

Chano8 got in touch with the Manager Identified as Sesi Hillary who looked every bit excited and said. “We are expecting our clients to come back and create more new clients because the ambiance here is better than the former JK (Just Kicking). We have tried to replicate the former J.K and before we were branded by Guinness (Beer) but we have this time used our own colours and we want to make this street busy and turn it into a party street”.

“The delay of the re-opening was because we had challenges because our bosses have other places in Nairobi and they were setting up other bars, so they had to finish that and then come to this branch.” He added

More Pictures of how the re-opening went down.




This Rastaman with a dread-locked beard was in in attendance too


The counters were busy


Dj Naselow taking a selfie with the crowd


These white girls were ready to party

jk17 jk16


Chano8 Magazine got these girls reading

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