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Justine Bas and Rena Nalumansi Tie The Knot

However much they denied, we deeply knew it that Rena and his manager Justin Bas had a thing going on. What started as artiste/manager relationship moved to boyfriend/ girlfriend then to fiancées then lastly husband and Wife.

Yes, husband and wife because the two tied the knot over the weekend at Namirembe Cathedral at a function attended by only close family and friends.

“Don’t say you were not invited. Kiwedde” Justin Bass wrote on his Facebook page immediately after the wedding.

Rena 1

Justin and his wife Rena smile for the cameras

Rena 2

Justin is a father of 2 daughters with another woman while Rena is also a parent from her past relationship.

The two started off their relationship about seven years ago after Renah had just ended her working relationship with Suudi Lukwaago and Dream girls as well. She started working with Justin Bas first as a friend who was helping her out with her music career before he finally became her official manager.


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