Kabs Haloha Loses Rights To Run Uganda Entertainment Awards After Mess

We have seen and read the stories about the flopped Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 that happened over the weekend. Chano8 broke it down into details here for those who missed. Many things went a mess and from service providers pulling out of the event to nominees shunning the event, things got from bad to worse as the gala became a complete disorganisation.

And before the dust even settled on the chaos, the latest we are getting is that Kabs Haloha the man who have been at the forefront of organising the awards in the past 3 years has been scrapped of the contract. Shocked? Yes we too are shocked because Kabs has been known as the official organiser of the event and many believed he ‘owned’ the rights to it which on the contrary is not true.


Kabs Haloha the man in the news who has been organising the Uganda Entertainment Awards.

The official copyright holders and proprietors of the event Cents Events Uganda have since confirmed that Haloha’s contract has been terminated following the mess that happened over the weekend. The CEO Cents Events Vincent Nsubuga confirmed this development saying they had given Haloha one year to improve after things also didn’t go well last year but instead he messed things even more this year.

“Yes it is true that we had given him time to make things right and gave him just one year hoping he’d get better, but he disappointed when he kept repeating the the same blatant blunders every other year. We have scraped the contract. And the public should take note, Kabz Haloha and Haloha Brand Architects are no longer the organizers of the UEA’s,” He Said.

This year’s awards were poorly attended and had many mishaps at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Cents Events followed this up with a long statement on social media where they distanced themselves from Haloha’s mistakes and losses made during that period. Belo is the full statement;

“The management of CENTS EVENTS UGANDA the official proprietors of the UGANDA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS would like to thank Haloha Brand Architects for fully managing/ organising and planning the UEA’s 2017. Cents Events would like to inform the general public, sponsors, entertainers and media houses that it had no hand in the UEA’s 2017 organisations therefore not liable for anything in any way.

Cents Events contracted Haloha brand Architects under Mr. Kabuye Ronald to run the 2017 event, this was a one year agreement between both parties. Putting into consideration the terms and conditions agreed upon and brand protection the brand legal owners (CENTS EVENTS UGANDA) have taken an immediate decision to terminate the contract with Haloha brand Architects.

On behalf of the Uganda entertainment awards brand, cents events uganda apologizes for anything that did not go right during the event and those who were affected or incovinienced during the event. However much our company was not involved in the organisation, we still play a very big role to oversee and protect the brand.

Cents Events Uganda has take a decision not to associate with Haloha Brand Architects again and whoever represents him or herself as being part of the Uganda Entertainment Awards will be legally dealt with (misrepresentation/impersonation) unless contracted by Cents Events Uganda.

All debts /arrears in reference to Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 are to Haloha brand architects not Uganda Entertainments Awards or Cents Events Uganda.

We are working towards promoting Uganda’s entertainment industry and keeping the UEA brand as strong as we can.
We shall be having a press conference this week, as we shall be unveiling to you what the board of directors decided concerning UEA 2018, which will be planned, managed, organised by Cents Events Uganda.

We congratulate all the nominees and winners.

We looking forward to delivering the best we can, we see you all again in 2018.
Thank you for supporting the Uganda Entertainment Awards. 
“Promoting Uganda’s Entertainment Industry”


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