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Kadodi-The Dance That May Land You In Jail

Ordinarily speaking, Kadodi is the native dance of the Gishu, a tribe in our motherland Uganda. It boasts of a blend of very sophisticated drum-work, and heavy relentless gyration of all parts of the body, from head, via shoulders to the toes. It is that definition that won it celebrity status among politicians, that from a simple Gishu dance, it has clamoured the position of ‘The Official Ugandan Campaign Group’. To have a rally without Kadodi was suicidal, and the people would not make merry. Until presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi’s supporters tried it.

Three dancers on the ‘Go Forward’ campaign trail in Kotido were arrested for dancing Kadodi. You could see why. They were led by Ali Kasibante, who by name has no right to dance Kadodi. Police must have arrested him for being an impostor, trying to pass as a Gishu. The others, a one Zemuba and Wanyama just did not know how to do the dance right. Police concluded that the three weren’t dancing; theirs was public nuisance, and duly locked them up.


This leg-raising in Kadodi will get you arrested

While everyone else can do Kadodi, the supporters of Mbabazi should not ‘Go Forward’ with it, as evidently, the journey will end in a cell. In addition, everyone needs to get a Kadodi choreographer and have their moves perfected, else, like Kotido DPC Ayatola Kapchemut says, may end up “conducting themselves in a manner unacceptable in public.”

The police have sent out a clear message; either get your Kadodi moves right or get locked up. If that fails, simply leave it for its reserved sacredness at the ‘Imbalu’ ceremony. Do not tempt the devil.

The three ‘nuisances’ are now languishing in Kotido Central Police Station. Next time, they will know that dancing Kadodi is such a grave offence.

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