Kama Ivien Signs Budding Singer Sharon Peyton After Falling Out With Fik Fameica

Budding singer Sharon Peyton finally landed got herself a proper manager Kama Ivan of the Kama Ivien Management, who is former manager of rapper Fik Fameica.

According to a social media post of Kama’s official Facebook page, he happily reveals how Sharon has joined his management.

We are yet to land on details of the deal signed but we can conclusively confirm that  the multi-talented singer and dancer signed a contract with Kama Ivien’s music brand and henceforth will be fully under him. This happened on Wednesday morning.

It should be noted that Sharon who is a former video vixen mysteriously quit her Route Entertainment record label like two months back.

It was alleged that she had developed misunderstandings in her working relationship with her boss producer Yese Oman Rafiki who used to write and produce most of her songs. However, the two never made their issues public and preferred to keep the break up to themselves.

Both said Sharon needed to move on for better things in life.

Rumours on the streets of Kampala claim that dancer Eddy Wizzy is the one that broke the deal between Sharon and Kama. Eddy who is also under Kama’s management is a long time friend to Sharon and it is believed he has done so much work her behind the scenes.With the history between them, it is suspected the deal was so smooth to be sealed.

Kama Ivan has a successful music story with different artistes especially the upcoming ones. The most recent one was rapper Fik Fameica. It is well known that Kama made Fik despite the fact that they are nolonger working together.

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