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Kampala Parents School Pupils Excel In PLE As Teachers Promise More

There was excitement written all over after PLE results were released by Uganda Examinations Board yesterday. The best performing schools as well as the students, were smiling from ear to ear with joy after some of them received their results.

The atmosphere was not different at Kampala Parents School as the community got into celebratory moods as soon as the results started trickling in. Although most teachers agree that they were not the expected results since they set standards very high, it was still good enough to be among the top performing schools with 178 passing in first grade and 80 in second grade, out of 258 students who sat last year.

While commenting on the performance of the school and the students, the school Principle Daphne Kato says it is always a concerted effort involving school management, the teachers, parents and students themselves.


Kampala Parents

“Dr. Sudhir has provided everything that a child needs to study and excel. We have also got qualified teachers who love what they do. As a school, we work together with our teachers, parents and pupils to see that our children do well in and out of class. 

To us as a school, the way children are prepared is vital and we take it serious by insuring that our pupils have everything they need to study. We did all we had to do. Parents and pupils worked hard and the teachers put in a lot of effort to see to it that the learners do well in PLE.” Daphne explained in an interview.. 

“We expected better performance and we know we are going to make it better this year. Here at Kampala Parents School we have worked as a team” She added.

Kampala Parents School principal celebrating with one of the pupils who excelled

Kampala Parents School Principal celebrating with one of the pupils who excelled 

Her colleague Mr James Makada who is the head of SST department concurs with her on the issue of performance and way forward as the school is already preparing and laying winning strategies for this year.

“The performance is bad when you compare it to other schools in the neighbourhood. Our working target and expectation was high and we missed it but we are going to sit and see how we can achieve it this year. Mathematics lowered our expectations. When pupils sat the exams, their outcry was Mathematics and science”. 

“Our teachers worked hard and finished the syllabus in second term so we used the 3rd term to revise. We worked as a team and also carried out continuous assessment meetings to keep up with our pupil’s performance trends. We then did revisions with our pupils.” 

Mwesigwa Isaac

Some of the best students celebrating

The team has already laid a plan for this year and expects the school to perform even better; 

“This year, we want to do better than last year and we have a plan to achieve this target. We plan to finish the syllabus in time so that we have enough time to revise. We also want to use the past exams especially last year’s to assess the examination setting technique and tune our pupils to the current examination setting standards. We will involve pupils in practical work and also work with parents.” Makada added

Mr Leopold Odoi, the Deputy Headmaster in charge of academics and head of curriculum also shares the same sentiment as his colleagues;

“We plan to find the cause of the drop and lay strategies to return to our usual performance. We shall investigate how we shall improve. Pupils scored marks within their range because here at Kampala Parents School we give every pupil a chance. We don’t chance away average performers like in other school when registering candidates. But still as you can see the results we have no failures. “

Summery of Results

First grades – 178

Second grades –  80

Total 258

PLE 2015 results are out. Find out how your pupil performed. Type PLE <leave a space> Index No e.g. PLE 00001/001 and send to 6600.



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