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Kansiime Gives Her Fans A Reason To Believe

The simple girl from Mparo Kitanga in Kabale has given her fans a billion reasons to believe. Anne Kansiime who been nominated for the African Entertainment Award for the Best comedian of year, shared her reason to believe with her over 900,000 fans,

‘There are a billion reasons to believe in every one of us!
If an ordinally girl born in Mparo Kitanga can be invited to have dinner with the Queen of England, then u have a billion reasons to believe that your turn to reach greatness is just around the corner,’ she said.

Kansiime gives her fans  a reason to believe

Kansiime gives her fans a reason to believe

Just when some people thought that Kansiime wouldn’t exceed last year’s success, she more than topped it, with successful shows in Rwanda and Australia behind her and several other shows yet to come, the Queen of comedy is just having a time of life. It’s everyday that one gets a chance to be pitted against Africa’s heavyweights namely Trevor Noah and Basket Mouth, her prowess and tenacity is simply undeniable.

Kansiime who is gearing up for a show in Zambia already feels a winner in the African Entertainment Awards because just being put in the same category with Trevor and Basket Mouth, it’s a great honor, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for her. Please follow the link VOTE ANNE KANSIIME to cast your vote.

In conclusion, dare to dream for you don’t know what lies behind the horizon.

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