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Kansiime Hits A New Milestone

Some people succeed because they are destined but most because they are determined. Anne Kansiime is a true definition of determined lady who has seen her career skyrocket over the last few years. She’s one of the reasons why many people are pursuing their comedy careers because in her they see hope, determination and tenacity.

Kansiime on the rise

Kansiime on the rise

She oozes elegance and wit, from the first moment one interacts with her. Kansiime had a dream, a dream to be among the best comedians and from the looks of it she’s walking in the light. It’s not everyday that one manages to beat Nigeria’s Clint the drunk to an award or be placed in the same category with Basket Mouth and the new daily host show Trevor Noah as one of Africa’s best comedians.

Her career is blossoming and the fan base keeps growing and it was only yesterday when she hit 1,000,000 likes on Facebook. Just incase you’re wondering, she doesn’t boost her page, the following purely organic.

While thanking her fans upon hitting a milestone, the legendary comedienne said,

WE made a million likes ninjas and we are still growing together. Thank you so much my lovers and I still promise not to cheat on you, making you laugh every chance I get so help me God.

Currently, Kansiime is in Canada for a tour which will see her perform across several states like Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal.


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