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Kansiime Shares A Personal Touching Story Ahead Of Her Highly Anticipated Show

As her big day draws closer, Anne Kansiime is sharing her personal stories something which is definitely giving her fans a taste of what they should expect when the show approaches.

The Ugandan queen of comedy shared a flashback Friday picture from 12 years and confessed how her breasts had refused to grow,

‘About 12years ago when my breasts had refused to grow fully when they knew I was about to go to university and legally meet and sit next to hot boys, I din’t know i would turn out to be this Kansiime Anne’ she thought out loud before adding, ‘when I boarded the post bus to kampala and got out in masaka thinking it was kampala cos I had never seen those many cars in one town, I swear I din’t know i would be the Kansiime Anne one day.’

Anne Kansiime shares a flash back memory.

Anne Kansiime shares a flashback picture.

With every passing year Kansiime’s career skyrockets further something that has made her a major force to reckon with in the comedy industry. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 a few weeks back said that the reason she has chosen to hold her one-woman show this year was because she finally feels ready to wow her Ugandan fans.

Come 24th March all roads lead to Imperial Royale Hotel.

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