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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Open Up On How They Discipline Their Daughter

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian have opened up about how they respond to their daughter’s tantrums. A source revealed:


“Kim and Kanye decided before North was born there would be no spanking, ever. It’s not how they want to raise their daughter. As North gets older, and when she acts up, there will be time outs, taking away a favorite toy, but absolutely no physical discipline. Kim’s older sister Kourtney doesn’t spank her kids, and they are very well behaved. North will be given clear boundaries that a child needs, and there will be consequences that won’t involve any hitting or spanking. It’s all about rewarding the positive behavior, and dealing with the naughty tantrums with patience and love.”

“There’s no right and wrong way to parent, but seriously hurting a child clearly isn’t the way to go.”

“The source also added that Yeezy couldn’t spank North anyway because “she can do no wrong.”

We’re talking about babies here, so what can they possibly to do deserve a severe punishment. Do share your thoughts.

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