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Kanye West Sued For Selling A Lie About His Album Release

Kanye West is being sued for allegedly tricking his fans to sign up for Tidal streaming service by saying his latest album ‘Life of Pablo’ will only be available on that platform.

However, Kanye’s album was also available on iTunes, Google Play and other rival streaming platforms.

Before the initial release of his album, Kanye West tweeted, ‘My album will never never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.’

It's not all smiles for Kanye West as the rap mogul is being sued

It’s not all smiles for Kanye West as the rap mogul is being sued

According to TMZ, ‘the class action lawsuit filed by fan Justin Baker-Rhett claims this announcement caused subscriptions to go through the roof, in effect saving the flopping service.’

It’s claimed that Kanye’s tweet managed to save the streaming platform from disaster as the sudden spike in subscribers brought in an addition of $84 million.

However, problems were soon to follow as Kanye pulled the album from Tidal claiming that there some changes he had to make something that caused an uproar since thousands complained that they unable to download the album despite paying for it.

Jay Z who is the owner of the streaming platform is also engaged in a law suit against the previous Tidal owners. He claims that at the time of purchase the number of subscribers were inflated to 540,000 and he’s owed $15 million.

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