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Kasiwukira: Friends And Artists Share Stories of The First Music Promoter/Publisher In Uganda

With the Kasiwukira recording studio, he is one of the reasons Uganda’s music took a quantum leap to where it is now.

Kasiwukira with the Kwagalana members

Kasiwukira with the Kwagalana members

The 55-year-old’s death at the hands of a motorist knocked during a morning jog has left more questions than answers. United in grief, everyone agrees he is in the league of music pioneer.

Kasiwukira became popular as the number one distributor of cassette tapes, both empty and pre-recorded music tapes, which he imported from South Korea. This was before the advent of compact discs. He later upgraded and started paying off musicians to buy the rights of their music, which he published on cassette tapes and distributed countrywide. Kasiwukira was like a godfather of the music industry.

According to Joseph Batte a music critic, musicians in the 80’s and early 90’s became prolific because of working under the tutelage of Kasiwukira. He reckons Kasiwukira is certainly among the dozen most important people of all time in Uganda’s music industry.

The drill for a successful hit at the time was simple. If Kasiwukira didn’t buy your album, then chances were that you wouldn’t make money out of it. If he picked interest, it was a different story,” He says.

Kasiwukira made a number of artistes then. The likes of Herman Basudde, Prince Paul Job Kafeero, Livingstone Kasozi and Lord Fred Ssebatta owed their rise to the platform given to them by the slain businessman.

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