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“Kato Lubwama Is Ancient”- Madrat And Chiko

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Recently, Kato Lubwama came out and said all the latest comedians are jokers who keep repeating jokes and sharing them for the audience.

Because of this, Madrat and Chiko who fall in that category have come out and branded Kato Lubwama as ancient.

“We shouldn’t blame Kato Lubwama because he’s ancient. He doesn’t know that things evolved. Back then, comedy was not so competitive. They were just one or two comedians but lately, we are many and he should credit us for making the industry vibrant,” they said.

The duo also said if he thinks they are not funny, he should find a day and do a one on one with them and see what they will do to him.

Kato Lubwama is one of the founders of comedy in Uganda alongside Amooti Omulanguzi are credited for paving way for other comedians but the act of him attacking recent comedians didn’t go down well with the duo who have also played a very big role in keeping the industry standing.


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