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Katongole Omutongole Warned Off New Wife By ‘The Other Man’

Over the weekend, Katongole Omutongole was introduced to a lady known identified as Asmart in a secret ceremony, but what happened next also caught us off-guard as it emerged later that, Asmart is already a married woman. In fact her said husband on learning about Katongole’s engagement took to his facebook wall and threatened the former Bukedde TV presenter.

“Of the married ladies you’ve messed with, this time you messed with a wrong person. You should have used the money you wasted on the introduction to fishing because that is my wife,” said a one Matovu, Asmart’s said husband believed to be based in Dubai.


Katongole Omutongole during his introduction to Ashmart


Matovu with Asmart 

Katongole hasn’t come out to retaliate about these allegations but we all know he will at some point.

Delta Tv’s Katongole first had a wedding with NBS TV and CBS radio presenter, Titie Tabel some years back but their relationship ended on a sad note after he was allegedly caught cheating. Their relationship was blessed with three children.

His pleas to reconcile with her landed on deaf ears as Titie went ahead and got married to Deo Serunjogi. This was a final blow to Katongole who decided to search for new love which he found in Asmart.

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