Katumba Oyee! DJ Crim Outs Song For Presidential Candidate John Katumba

As the campaigns for the general elections heat up, aspiring candidates especially the 11 presidential candidates are pacing all over the place in search of votes. However one of them has been lucky as DJ Crim has reduced the burden on him by producing a new song in his honour.

The song titled ‘Katumba Oyee’ follows one of the most trending phrases in Uganda in the recent past to create a song which could actually turn the tables in favour of the rookie politician.

Presidential candidate John Katumba who is a former music promoter came up with the phrase Katumba Oyee! as the jargon for his campaigns which has since become popular after his comic antics during the nominations.

The phrase has since become common amongst Ugandans especially on social media and even in many unexpected places like offices. DJ Crim took advantage of the phrase and used it to compose the song which might turn out successful for both sides because of the easy and free-flowing, feel-goodnature.

Music has become a major attribute to almost every politician’s campaign plan and it is a priority on the campaign trails – even for the incumbent H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with several artistes releasing songs in his honour for campaigns.

The sonh which has a catchy flow and groovy beats was produced by Andy Music while the hilarious Deejay Crim adds his comic creativity at different stages of the song that makes one want to listen to it till the end. A video is in the offing but for now you can listen to it by clicking link below;

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